We're here to be your consolidated reference guide to navigating the complex world of culture strategy.

Lead the Change


At Culture Architect
we know you understand the value of Culture Strategy and want to lead this Change
In order to do that, you need a guide who will provide you truth and clarity
The problem is, Culture Change is confusing and others don’t get it!
Which makes you feel lost, frustrated, and overwhelmed
We believe in being realistic and comprehensive
We understand the true challenges of transiting an organizational culture
that’s why we developed a simple process to guide organizations during this difficult process
So you can stop worrying about having an incomplete, risky, or unsuccessful endeavor.
And instead, create the real framework for hyper-growth that you know is possible

Our Mission

Guiding Organizations through the complex world of culture strategy

Our Vision

Today, the world of culture strategy is like the Wild Wild West
We aim to set universal standards, so that more people can benefit from it

Meet The Founders


Sarah Kim

Co-Founder, CEO


Andrew Kim DDS, MS, MBA

Co-Founder, CSO

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