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When it comes to Culture, “Done-For-You” Models Don’t Work

Culture Strategy requires establishing a partnership mentality throughout layers the organization with the appropriate situational reinforcement and relationship dynamics.

That’s why “Done-For-You” models have a high failure rate or result in incomplete transformations.

It ends up with a “Top-Down” approach by temporary implementers, who don’t have the necessary relationships dynamics with the people.

That’s why our clients use the
Culture Architect Approach

For culture strategy to truly penetrate within your organization

We need to raise the bar WITHIN your organization.

We’ll work with you or your key people to live culture strategy.
We accomplish this through:

[Low Involvement]


This is a good option if you’re highly confident in your ability to push culture strategy forward, but need to be pointed in the right direction occasionally. These are usually higher-level discussions, and that’s enough for you to feel comfortable to push the strategy forward.

[Medium Involvement]


This is a good option if you want coaching to build key skills to lead a culture change or live culture strategy in your everyday moments. We can coach you and/or your key people that are strategically positioned within your organization.

[High Involvement]

Custom Solution

Perhaps your situation is more involved and may require a combination of: “Done-For-You”, Strategy Facilitation, Keynote, etc. Let’s explore deeper and see what would work for your organization.

Advantages To This Partnered Approach

  • Greater Flexibility

There are fewer interruptions to your busy schedule, which makes it easier to implement within your organization

  • Much more Reasonable Fee

As opposed to “Done-For-You” approaches, this doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and makes it accessible to more companies

  • Greater Sustainability

People who know the ins-and-outs of your processes and relationships are the ones who are living it

  • Higher Chance of Success

This is because we address the core issues, as long as we’re treating this like a partnership rather than abdication

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